Using Natural Baby Skincare Products
To Remedy Common Problems

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 Natural baby skincare is mostly about  protecting and preserving that extra fragile  skin. These natural products are much safer  for babies delicate skin and undeveloped  immune systems.

 The need to care for a baby's skin may  seem unnecessary because few things feel  more soft and supple. However, natural baby skincare can mean the difference between a happy baby and one that is constantly fussy.

Natural organic baby skincare products are becoming a fast-growing alternative to mainstream baby skincare. The good news is that natural baby skincare products are becoming more available online and at natural health stores. There are quite a few brands that specialize in creating natural skincare products just for babies.

Tips For Common Problems

More than 75% of newborns suffer rashes within the first few months of birth, as reported in Clinical Pediatrics. Researchers suspect that contributing factors include the very products that promise to soften, clean, and moisturize children's skin. They note in their research, "Newborn skin is relatively more permeable to topically applied agents than adult skin. Therefore, the risk of systemic toxicity is much greater in newborns."

Adult human skin is believed to absorb approximately 60% of everything it comes into contact with. Your baby’s skin is about six times thinner and five times more sensitive. Adult skin care products are far too harsh and not recommended for babies. Natural baby skincare products are the solution to the problem.

Some common skin problems for babies are diaper and heat rash, eczema, cradle cap, "baby acne," dry skin and sunburn. Natural baby skincare products are the perfect choice to treat these conditions.

Diaper Rash

Always change diapers when they are wet or soiled. Urine and feces contain bacteria and need be washed away asap with warm water or natural baby wipes, otherwise infections could develop. Natural baby wipes don't contain alcohol, which could dry out a baby's skin. Before applying a new diaper, clean and dry this area thoroughly. Diaper rash can be very uncomfortable so apply an all natural diaper ointment created especially for this all too common baby skin problem.

Heal Diaper Rash
Our formula will eliminate diaper rash/nappy rash quickly and effectively!

Heat Rash

Because a baby's skin doesn't yet perspire properly, babies aren't efficient at controlling their body temperatures. Be sure to dress babies in comfortable, loose-fitting all natural or organic clothing that's appropriate for the temperature to avoid these rashes that resemble red patches or pinkish-red bumps.
Natural baby powder is great for keeping your little one comfortable in warm humid weather. I've found that applying a little natural baby powder makes it easier to put on clothing.

Baby Eczema

Avoid prescription or steroidal creams, use natural baby skincare to treat this itchy problem. Eczema is a allergenic reaction that may require special all natural products formulated for baby eczema.

Eczema Treatment

...More on Baby eczema...

Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is a very common, yet harmless, scalp condition found in perfectly healthy newborn babies. It is created when a newborn’s oil-producing scalp glands become over-active as a result of hormonal changes. If your baby has cradle cap, which resembles scaly scabs on the scalp, apply all natural baby oil and gently scrub top of head with a soft brush. Then wash away oil with an all natural baby shampoo. The best way to control the condition is to frequently shampoo until it disappears naturally. Cradle cap usually develops between 2 weeks to three months after birth, but could last up to a year.

Heal Cradle Cap
Our formula will safely eliminate cradle cap in newborn babies and toddlers.

Baby Acne

A surge in hormones in the mother, at the time of birth, can cause babies can break out in "baby acne," even though baby skin is far less oily than an adult's. This usually happens right around 4 weeks of age when you are ready to get their 1 month picture taken. Washing gently with natural baby soap can help relieve this annoying condition, but it will likely resolve on its own. Natural baby skincare products should be used in moderation.

Dry Skin

Daily bathing isn't necessary and can sap a baby's skin of moisture. See Natural Baby Bath page... Use warm, never hot water for bathing. Baby skin dries out and can be sunburned easily because melanin production is low. Moisturizing with natural baby lotion and creams specifically formulated for infants helps their skin retain moisture. Wind and cold can contribute to dry skin, so protect your baby when outside. If the air in your home is dry, consider getting a humidifier to add moisture. I've found that cool mist humidifiers are great for creating "white noise" to help baby sleep while also putting moisture into the air.


Protect your baby from ultraviolet exposure. Infants should be kept out of direct sunlight during the first few months. When going out, be sure to cover the baby's skin with protective clothing, a hat and baby sunglasses when its warm, and hats and coat, and extra blankets when cold. Use all natural sunscreen products year round after the baby is 6 months old if you plan to be out for a while. Otherwise a little sun on your baby's skin gives them Vitamin D, an essential nutrient for the immune system.

Heal Bruises and Burns

Grab A Trashbag...Time To Clean Out The Bathroom Cabinet

Information about feeding and parenting abounds, but when it comes to baby toiletries- there is a wide range of products to choose from. Advertisers would like us to think that being good parents means we should slather our babies in lotions and potions from the day they are born, but why expose your child to a cocktail of harsh detergents, preservatives, colourants and fragrances?
Check out the baby products in your own bathroom.

What kind of ingredients do you see on the labels?

What To Avoid

Mainstream commercial (i.e. chemically enhanced) products are produced easily and on a massive scale, with huge advertising budgets. As I checked out the ingredients in a very popular commercial brand, I noticed so many unpronouncable chemicals, I wrinkled my nose at the thought of bathing my baby in these chemicals. This product does smell great, but at what health cost to the babies it's promoted to?

Take a look at the labels of supermarket and drug store baby skin care products, you will find that many contain ingredients likely to be combined with formaldehyde, 1,4-dioxane, and possibly even nitrosamines, all of which are carcinogenic (cancer-causing), highly irritating or both. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is used in baby wipes and shampoo, and has been linked to skin irritations, breathing problems, diarrhea, and eye damage.

Diethanolamine(DEA), Triethanolamine(TEA), and Monoethanolamine(MEA), are commonly found in bubble baths solutions. When these are combined with nitrosamines, they can become carcinogenic.

Propylene Glycol is a surfactant (wetting agent) and an active component in anti freeze! Talc-based powders should be avoided because they contain tiny particles that irritate the skin and may contain perfumes, a leading cause of allergy and irritation.

Also, most pediatricians specializing in natural baby skincare warn parents to avoid petroleum jelly, a common allergen which traps moisture against the skin. Allowing fresh air to get to your baby's bottom is the best all natural method to remedy diaper rash.

Purchase only natural baby skincare products that are free from artificial dyes, synthetic ingredients (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, TEA, DEA, mineral oil and petroleum-based ingredients), highly allergenic and irritating preservatives including quaternium 15, imidazolidinyl urea, and parabens.
These products may be a little more expensive than the drug or supermarket brands, however they are completely safe, truly natural and nontoxic.

Dangerous Baby Products - Right-click to download this PDF file here.

What is your baby's health worth?

What To Look For

Many natural baby skincare companies have created products containing ingredients formulated with organic plant and fruit extracts, and soothing oils that nourish the delicate skin tissue that babies have. Often these botanicals contain essential vitamins and nutrients as well as softening and healing properties.

Here is a listing of just some of those ingredients:

Lavender - works wonders in skincare for babies due to its natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties.

Avocado Oil - Easily absorbed, has a calming effect on irritated and inflamed skin. Rich in proteins, fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, Pantothenic Acid, vitamins D and E.

Borage - one of the richest sources of gamma linolenic acid, nourishes and hydrates the skin and it also contains important vitamins and minerals.

Green Tea - is a potent extract used primarily for fighting free radicals and intimately involved in the prevention of cellular damage.

Vitamin E - is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps slow cellular aging associated with free-radical damage. Protects the skin against UV-induced inflammation and maintains skin hydration.

Jojoba Oil - works in the same way human sebum (oil) does. Once applied to the skin or scalp, Jojoba oil is easily absorbed. Creates a protective film that allows the skin and hair shafts to retain necessary moisture to avoid drying out.

Use Common Sense

I must point out that not all natural or plant-based skincare products are safe for babies and expectant mothers. Use small amounts of natural baby skincare products for at least the first couple of months of your baby’s life. It would be best to consider this when you use any other types of products in your baby’s environment as well.

The following essential oil ingredients should be avoided during and after pregnancy:

basil marjoram

clary sage

Some natural baby skincare companies that have excellent products are:

Burt's Bees

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