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All Natural Beauty
For A Healthier, More Beautiful You

What is all natural beauty?

"All Natural Beauty" is a term that used to describe someone with little or no make up,( i.e. in their natural form). Nowadays, it has come to mean using natural or organic beauty products to emphasize the natural beauty of your features that make you unique.

It is that indefinable and mysterious magnetic quality about the way we look and feel. Simply put - it is being yourself at all levels.

In other words, natural beauty is feeling good from within as well as from outside. It means having a healthy body, a sense of inner peace and a feeling of purpose. It also means, having a beautiful face, shiny hair, flexible muscles, proper movement, and sharp senses. Having all of this is having all natural beauty.

So, contrary to what some people believe, all natural beauty is not only about applying the latest miracle mascara or shiny pink lipstick; nor about showing smooth, tanned skin- but it is about all this and more.

Natural beauty is therefore about striking a balance between internal health (nurturing the body, the soul and the mind) and external beauty (preserving/beautifying the skin of the face, hair and the body) with the use of a natural health and beauty product.

- Some parts exerpt from the Book:'Holistic skin is...in'
by Dalia Santina, Ph.D.

Holistic Balance is key to health and happiness-yet elusive to many of us. How about you?

Everything you use on our skin is directly absorbed and enters your bloodstream. All natural skin care - women's and men's, natural sun protection, natural hair products and natural mineral make-up are some of the best ways to limit the harmful chemicals that are in most mainstream cosmetics and beauty products. Also, when these all natural products are cleaned from your body, they don't add to the ever increasing pollution of our water systems. A detox cleanse will help to clear your body of many of these unsafe chemicals.

Other areas of all natural beauty that are sometimes overlooked are foot and dental care. Natural skin care recipes and remedies are included for those of you who like to "do-it-yourself."

Women's natural skincare is a massive market with so many products to chose from. The key is finding what is right for you and your skin type.

Natural Skincare is one of the fastest growing segments of the health movement. You no longer want to keep using mainstream commercial products, when they contain harmful chemicals that actually do more damage than good! You need to consider your skin type, the difference between women's and men's skin products, and children's skincare. Check out this YouTube video:

Natural Womens Skin Care problems differ from that of children and men, and your skin type may change as you go through various stages of life. All skin care is not created equally!

Natural Mens Skin Care- What you need to know.
Men of all ages and all walks of life are starting to care about using natural mens skin care products for their skin type.

Natural Sun Protection from ultraviolet rays is important for young and old alike. You cannot avoid it. It's also an absolute must for anyone who wants to limit his or her risk of developing skin cancer.

Natural Hair Care for your tresses is becoming popular, all natural shampoos, conditioners, and accessories along with an abundance of natural hair colors and treatments.

Natural Mineral Makeup is made with pure and crushed minerals that occur naturally in the earth. Bare Escentuals is the purest cosmetic collection in the world and it contains no preservatives, oil, fragrance, talc or other potential irritants. Bare Escentuals / i.d. Bare Minerals cosmetic lines include: blushes, all over face colors, mineral make-up foundation, eye liners, eye shadows, eye glimmers, fashionably colored lipsticks, lip-glosses, lip liner pencils and a full assortment of flawless application makeup brushes.

Natural Foot Care is something you usually don't think about until something is wrong. All natural foot creams and lotions are wonderful to keep our feet feeling soft and smooth. We also cover special problems concerning feet such as: foot odor, aching feet, and corns and calluses. A natural foot care detox also might be something you want to try.

Natural Dental Care will reveal natural oral care recipes and some new items that are changing the way you clean our teeth and gums.

Natural Beauty Recipes consist of fruit extracts, flower essential oils, concentrated medicinal roots, crushed spices, you can recreate almost all the procedures of a SPA-salon at home.

Natural Weight Loss

If you're interested in making positive changes to live a healthier, more prosperous life - These tips and suggestions will be valuable to you and your family.

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