Natural Baby Bath -
Naturally Fresh & Clean From Nose To Toes

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A natural baby bath is a joy for parent and baby.

You wonder:

"How often should I give my baby a bath?"


Every other day?

For infants under 3 months, daily bathing is not necessary, and can dry out baby's skin, cleaning with a mild natural baby soap in the diaper area and under folds of skin, (chin and arms) is recommended.

As baby gains head control and begins to get larger, a baby bath tub is convenient for ease and safety. I recommend using the baby bath tub until the baby is a toddler and able to support themselves in the water. Even at this point, never leave your little one alone, not even for a second!

Bath time is inevitable, but an all natural baby bath is a pleasure. One of the most blissful times for babies is time spent splashing in the tub, when they enjoy a warm all natural bath brimming with bubbles. This is especially true for toddlers who love to splash mom or dad before going to bed.

To make this time fun and safe, follow these suggestions.

You want to make natural baby bath time free of tears, so make sure you have everything in reach BEFORE placing baby in the water. Do not leave things like shampoo or soap out of reach even if they would take only a couple of seconds to get. Your child is likely to make a quick getaway attempt in the brief time you take to grab an item.

When it is time to wash their hair, remember that toddlers are often as afraid of water pouring on their head, as they are of getting soap in their eyes. Use a natural baby shampoo that has a no-tears formula and a hand-held shower spray for extra control. For comfort and protection, put a washcloth over the toddler's eyes. Since nails are the easiest to cut at bath time (when they are soft) it is the ideal time to clip your baby nails. If the child resists baby scissors or clippers, try an emery board.

The Perfect Bath

natural baby in bathtub

Get everything together that you will need for the perfect natural baby bath experience. Visit our Natural Baby Store to get the latest items available. Start with a tub designed for infants/or toddlers.

What's new in baby tubs?

How about a bucket? It's a new concept in the US, but Europeans have totally embraced this innovative bathing option. Shaped more vertically than horizontally, it safely holds your baby upright in the proper bathing position.

Two more great pluses? Its small "footprint" means it takes up a lot less precious bathroom real estate, and it also uses a lot less water, making it environmentally friendly, as well. Recommended by physicians worldwide for babies up to six months old.

Next, grab your natural/organic cotton washcloth and hooded towel, and place your natural baby shampoo and natural baby soap within reach. Only a tiny bit is needed for washing. Water temperature for babies should be warm, not hot.

Make this a calming time for baby, smile and show them this is fun! When baby is ready, wrap in hooded towel and transport to changing table. Now its time to protect skin with natural baby lotion, natural diaper ointment, and a little sprinkle of natural baby powder all over (this helps clothes slide right on).

Your baby is fresh and clean from nose to toes!

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