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You really only need a few different all natural cleaning products to clean your home, and they don't need to be toxic to be effective.
Using all natural cleaning products which contain oils and extracts from plants, are a (dare I say) pleasure to use because of their great smell.

Natural laundry detergents not only make clothes smell great, (unless you choose fragrance-free), they work great at getting out stains and don't have that "greying effect" on whites.

Natural household cleaners don't have a myriad of toxic chemicals so they aren't harmful to our bodies and don't pollute our water ways either!

Natural Specialty Cleaners for odors or mold are just as effective as toxic commercial cleaners at ridding your home of these problems.

You can also use the recipes for home-made natural cleaners that are safe and easy to make and great for all natural cleaning!

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Your home or office probably has dozens of cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals. If fact you might have several hazardous products that together contain hundreds of chemicals. These chemicals could accidentally harm or even kill your children, your pets and you, if they are not used with the utmost caution.
What to look for in your cleaning products...
By choosing all natural cleaning solutions, you are safeguarding your family from harmful residues.

The U.S. Poison Control Center estimates nearly 1.5 million reported cases of accidental ingestion of poisons every year by children under 12 years of age. And thats just the reported cases!

Have you ever noticed the smell as you wandered down the cleaners aisle of your supermarket?

That noxious overpowering smell is caused by what industry experts describe as "out gassing". Out gassing is the vapors escaping from the "sealed" containers on the supermarkets shelves. These gases are extremely harmful to your health.

Inhalation is only one of three major ways that these products enter your body. It is more dangerous because when you breathe in these harmful chemicals, they go directly into your blood stream and can quickly affect your lungs, heart, brain liver and kidneys.

Ingestion of chemical toxins occurs when you not only eat foods that have pesticides and chemical fertilizers, but also from the residue left on utensils and plates that are washed in commercial dish soaps.

Absorbtion is the third major way that you obtain toxins directly into your system.
Do you know that one square centimeter of skin (the size of a dime) contains 3 million cells and 4 yards of nerves?
This absorption occurs every time a cleaning product touches your skin.

You are probably wondering why you aren't informed and protected from the potentially dangerous chemicals contained in cleaning and personal care products?

• The government has very limited power to regulate and require proper testing.
• Products that kill 50% of lab animals can still get designated as "non-toxic".
• Of 17,000 household chemicals only about 5,100, or approximately 30%, have been adequately tested and less than 10% have been tested on the nervous system.
• No law requires manufactures to list the exact ingredients on the package label.

Warning! - Disturbing Statistics

Of chemicals commonly found in homes, 150 have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological abnormalities. - Environmental Protection agency website

When combined, harsh chemicals are even more dangerous. Deadly fumes result from mixing ammonia with bleach (both found in many household products) creating lethal "mustard gas"!
- Consumer Product Safety Commission

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According to the National Research Council, no toxic information is available for more than 80% of the chemicals in everyday-use products.

Only 1% of toxins are required to be listed on labels, because companies classify their formulas as "trade secrets." - U.S. Government, E.P.A.

In the past 50 years more than 75,000 chemicals have been introduced into the environment. Today 300 synthetic chemicals are found in the bodies of humans. Even newborn babies have synthetic chemicals passed on from their mothers.
- Lorie Dwornick, researcher, educator and activist, 2002

More than 32 million pounds of household cleaning products are poured down the drain each day nationwide. The toxic substances found in many of these are not adequately removed by sewage treatment plants. Guess what happens when these are returned to the rivers from which cities draw their drinking water?
- REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals, a European Union program)

* More than 75,000 chemicals are licensed for commercial use

* More than 2,000 new synthetic chemicals are registered every year

* The EPA tallied close to 10,000 chemical ingredients in cosmetics, food and consumer products.

Very few of these chemicals were in our environment or our bodies just 75 years ago

* In 1998, U.S. industries manufactured 6.5 trillion pounds of 9,000 different chemicals

* In 2000, major American companies dumped 7.1 billion pounds of 650 different industrial chemicals into our air and water

* Except in the case of foods, drugs or pesticides, companies are under no legal or regulatory obligation to concern themselves with how their products might harm human health.

- Spring 2002 Edition of CCA Newsletter Partners "Cleaning Without Toxic Chemicals"

So where can you find all natural cleaning products?

There are some great companies that have all natural cleaning products and supplies right here on this website.. Try them and prove to yourself how great they are.

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