Why Natural Skin Care?

natural skin care

Natural skin care is care of the skin using natural ingredients such as herbs, roots, and essential oils—things found in nature. No unpronounceable synthetics that turn out to be carcinogens or endocrine disruptors.

You should practice natural skin care because:
#1. You’re not getting any younger
#2. It’s better for your health
#3. It will save you money.

Bet that last one got your attention, let me elaborate.

Aging is a natural process that your genes play a big part in. After genetics, the environment has a huge effect. By environment I mean the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat. Remember that old saying, "garbge in, garbage out"? Well, it applies in this case too. Your skin is a direct reflection of your health.

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Chronic conditions like dry skin could mean you don’t have enough essential fatty acids in your diet. Your acne could be a reaction to a synthetic hormone in your deodorant or perfume. Perhaps your brain fog is the result of the carpet deodorizer you use. Our environment, indoors and outdoors, affects us in ways we may not realize.

Understand that you can have reactions to natural skin care products too. However the track record for herbs and essential oils is hundreds of years old. You know what to expect from them, and the reactions tend to be slight and go away when you stop using the product. Synthetics--not so much.

A debate rages on as to how much better natural skin care ingredients are as compared to mainstream skin care containing synthetic ingredients. With both sides of this issue taking a firm stand, and publishing 'official' report after report, it is the consumer who most often becomes lost in the maze of unfounded marketing promises and supposedly 'guaranteed' results.

Are skin care products with natural ingredients better?


This is the latest million-dollar question, literally. Skin care product manufacturers are currently spending millions of dollars researching everything from alfalfa to yucca in an attempt to not only gain a competitive edge, but to grab the consumers' attention.

Manufacturers of mainstream commercial skin care products work hard to cleverly combine catchy phrases, attention-grabbing packaging and testimonials from 'experts' in the field of product research and development. The end results of these efforts are expensive moisturizers, cleansers, shampoos, masks, exfoliants and cosmetics that claim to work miracles on your skin.

We absorb around 60% of what we put on our skin. Therefore the idea of only putting natural skin care products on our skin that contain things that we'd happily eat - seems a reasonable suggestion to follow.

Cumulative effects

We are exposed to around 200 chemicals almost non stop, every moment of every day, through beauty and cleaning products. While it is true that the chemicals in most products are in very low amounts, we are exposed to thousands of them every day and have little idea about how they work synergistically. We smother them on our bodies or breathe them in constantly. The cumulative effect brings cause for concern for our health and the environment.

The short term effects of some of these chemicals include skin rashes and irritation, breathing difficulties including asthma and stomach upsets. Long term complications include disruption of hormone status leading to fertility problems or birth defects and cancer.

Trusting the Manufacturers

We take for granted that these products are safe. Surveys of the general public reveal comments such as "I assume that everything I use has been tested so it won't be harmful for my body." or "I pretty much trust companies. If their products are on the market, it shouldn't hurt your body " or "I think that everything you buy is safe, has been tested and is not going to give you cancer or anything like that."

The problem is what they don't tell you.

These synthetic chemicals are absorbed into our skin and can actually increase the rate of the aging process (creating wrinkles).

The federal government has yet to define the guidelines and regulations governing use of the term, 'natural'.
That means marketers can use the term any way they choose, irregardless of the ingredients used in their products or the manufacturing processes used to produce those products.

Although a commercially produced skin care product might very well contain natural products like aloe or vitamin E, what you're not being told is that the processes used to extract these components often utilize many synthetic materials. And even once natural ingredients are extracted, they're usually combined with synthetic products such as preservatives and stabilizing agents that help prolong shelf life.

Natural skin care products are usually produced in small batches and are much fresher (and better) for your skin.
The bottom line is always check product labels!

6 Primary Ingredients used in Organic Skin Care.

See "What To Avoid" and also what to look for in quality natural skin care on these pages:

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Natural Sun Protection

One thing everyone can agree on is that eating a diet loaded with antioxidants and vitamins is extremely beneficial to healthy skin. The body is very efficient at processing natural foods and using the blood stream to transport these nutrients to the skin.

Find an all natural skin care product line you trust and that works well with your skin type. Then become a loyal customer of that product line. Your skin will be happier as a result and you'll look fantastic! My personal favorite is found here:

Search for the highest-quality natural skin care products and cosmetics that include different natural, fresh, pure and organic plants such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, extracts, oils, seed extracts, biological substances (such as marine elements), humectants, anti-aging nutrients, cellular substances, natural fragrances, etc.

We should realize that today cosmetic research takes full advantage of the latest scientific breakthroughs and the most advanced technologies. However, natural raw materials still play the leading role in ensuring top-quality natural skin care products.

Skin Care Solutions For Children

child natural skin care

Babies and children have many of the same skin care needs that adults have, but their skin is much more sensitive.

Look for natural skin care products created without harmful additives and check that they are formulated especially for children.

Deodorants and Natural Skin Care

Sweating has its benefits—removing toxins from the body and helping cool the skin. However, most people aren’t willing to bear the social ramifications of stinky armpits. There are many reasons why you might need to use an alternative type of deodorant. You may have a sensitivity to the popular brands, or you may find that due to hormonal changes, you can no longer tolerate your favorite brand.

There are many folks who are uncomfortable with the idea putting aluminum chlorohydrate, formaldehyde, and ammonia in their armpits. To date, there is no research that shows a definitive connection between antiperspirants and breast cancer; however, unproven doesn’t mean untrue. For those wishing to err on the side of caution, there are some alternatives.

The simplest natural skin care recipe I’ve run across is to just pour a little baking soda in the palm of your hand and squeeze in a bit of lemon juice. Mix it into a paste and smear it under your armpit.

•Alba Botanica Deodorant Tea Tree
•Jason Natural Womans Health Wild Yam Deodorant
•Kiss My Face Active Enzyme Deodorant Stick

Another option is deodorant crystals. The crystals are simple mineral salts that inhibit the bacterial growth that causes odor. The benefit is that the crystal will last for years. To use them, rub the crystal into your underarms right out of the shower and let it dry naturally.

In general, antiperspirants are more harmful than deodorants, especially those containing aluminum and parabens, which may increase the risk of breast cancer. There is much research that shows these chemicals are easily absorbed into the tissue around the underarm, especially if they are applied right after shaving.

Like natural skin care products, you should avoid anything containing fragrance (phthalates), parabens, or sodium lauryl (laureth) sulfate. Phtalates have been found to produce cancer of the liver and birth defects in lab animals, but they sound much more innocuous if you call them fragrance on the label. Note that the FDA does not require the ingredients in fragrances to be listed because they are considered trade secrets.

If you like fragrances, choose a deodorant/antiperspirant that uses natural essential oils for fragrance. Pardon me for stating the obvious, but keep in mind that deodorants stop odor, not sweat. Likewise, antiperspirants slow sweat down, but not odor. Most people go for a combination product.

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