Green Laundry Basics

It finally happened.

My less-than-efficient washer finally stopped working. Not fixable- smoke and electrical smell, its outta here. I've had it for over 8 years and it was used when I received it. I've been waiting for this day for over a year when I saw those new energy-efficient washers and dryers at my local Lowes store. Now I can go pick out my new washer and be green in the process.

If you also are ready for an energy efficient washer - here is what to look for:

The Energy Star Logo

These certified washers use half the energy of a standard machine and can save you 7,000 gallons of water a year. Experts recommend the front loading washers by Bosch or Samsung ( Avoid top loading models because they use more water and agitate your clothes in dirty water. If you are getting a dryer also, look for one that has a moisture sensor, which shuts off the machine as soon as your clothes are dry. Or like me, you can use that old fashioned solar dryer and hang your clothes out to air dry on a line or drying rack.

Cleaner Detergent

More and more I am seeing new, natural laundry detergents as I shop. But you have to look closely: labels that claim a cleaner is "free from" perfumes or dyes or that it includes "natural" scents such as lavender can be misleading. These don't guarantee a truly green product, and the detergent may still contain harmful ingredients such as: phosphates, petroleum, and chlorine.

Try one of these green cleaners and see how great they really are! You may pay a bit more, but in the end you'll save money because you only need 3/4 of the regular amount for each load.


Seventh Generation High Efficiency Laundry Liquids or Powders. Make the click.

Also look for smaller packaging - concentrated laundry detergents.

To find out how to recycle your old washer or dryer, go to

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