If you want to reduce stress and organize your clothes, summer is a great time to clean out your closet. Follow these five simple steps (which can work for any organizing project) and "Make One Change" this month by tackling that tangle of clothes you may have in your closet.

Step 1 Empty and Examine.

Place all clothes, boxes, shoes, etc. on a clean sheet on your bed and empty the closet. "Clean out your closet."

Step 2 Sort into piles.

You will have three piles: Keep, Donate, Not sure. Take a deep breath and be ruthless, otherwise you will keep it all. Remember, if you haven't worn it in a year or more, you probably will never wear it again. This is about more closet space, so if it is damaged and you are not inclined to fix it, toss it. If it doesn't fit anymore, but is still in style and looks fairly new - Donate. "Keep pile" should be things you absolutely cannot part with and love wearing. Now, go through your Not Sure pile and try on everything. Place those clothes on Keep or Donate piles depending on fit inspection.

Step 3 Donate and Recycle

Everything intended for donation should be free of stains, damage, or excessive wear. It should be in good condition. If you wouldn't give it to a friend - don't give it to a charity. Throw out useless items or cut them into rags.

Step 4 Storage Solutions

Figure out what your storage needs are. Do you need containers to store sweaters? Shoes? Check the size of the closet before buying. Would you like to maximize space by installing another rod below your existing one? Perhaps a shelf above your rod might work better. This is great for off-season clothes storage. Small stacked drawers are great for small items, like socks or underwear, even jewelry. Click HERE to get 5 Free Clear Shoe Boxes from Shoe Stor.

Step 5 Organize and Enjoy

You've emptied, sorted, donated, stored and now its time to put it all back. Keep the momentum going by hanging clothes facing the same direction and labeling boxes that don't have clear plastic windows. (You will forget whats inside them.) If you feel overwhelmed, hire a consultant from a custom closet company to help you finish the job.

Once you "Make One Change" by cleaning out your closet, you can tackle your husband's closet or teach your kids to organize their closets, too!